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Manufacturer and seller of high-quality training equipment for gundogs. All products are developed in close cooperation with many professional trainers, so that they meet the high requirements of market and customers. FIREDOG portfolio contains dog training dummies, dummy bags and vests, leashes, collars and other supplies manufactured under the registered trademark of Firedog®.

NEW Dr.VET supplements

The products of the company Dr. Vet Group are the result of many years of professional and experimental work as well as breeding and exhibition work, which is the basis for some characteristic specifics.

ACME whistles

Wide range of high quality whistles and game calls from well known British manufacturer.


A hard-wearing, everyday bed with unique properties suitable for animals at all life stages.


The finest dog training products and accessories that make each and every aspect of the dog training experience easier, effective and more enjoyable.

Pete Rickard's

Animal scents and accessories from well known USA manufacturer.

Dog Key racks

Stylish key racks with dog motives as beautiful decoration of your home, useful for hanging leashes, collars, whistles, keys or other small accessories.

Leather products

Premium-quality, functional, durable and realiable leather collars and leashes.

Cool 'N Dry

Wide colour range of multifunctional extremely durable and hydrophilic sponge polymer towels. This unique, absorbent synthetic towel stays cool in extremely hot weather, wrings out easily, and washes or shakes clean. Used wet, it cools your pet on a hot day or dries them off after a bath or sudden shower.

Road Refresher bowls

The Road Refresher non-spill pet bowl is an ingenious invention, bowl that eliminates spills and reduces your pet's slobber by up to 90%. Ideal for the home and all forms of travel.


Innovative and high-quality toys, which every dog loves.


These dummies are suitable for water work - they are water filling, so they can reach variable deep-draft.

Other products

Various products of well known trademarks, useful for training, breeding or everyday life with your pet.

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