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Published 18. 9. 2018

Are you familiar with the following problems in your gundog training? - dog who is looking on your hand while sending? - dog who doesn’t run far enough? - dog who needs to learn better lining? - dog who doesn’t trust your hand?

Hunter Air Vests now available in WAXED COTTON

Published 26. 6. 2018

HUNTER AIR VESTS are now available also in waxed cotton material - brown and light khaki.

NEW FIREDOG Hunter Air Vest for SUMMER!

Published 13. 6. 2017

FIREDOG Hunter Air Vest is designed to provide maximum ventilation during hot days without loosing the comfort and function of the classic Dummy vest Hunter. The lightweight design of the vest provides optimum air circulation and makes it more suitable for hunting or training in very hot weather conditions. Back bag is made from waterproof material inside.

NEW Thermal Pro Dog Jacket YANKEE by FIREDOG

Published 24. 11. 2016

FIREDOG Thermal Pro Dog Jacket YANKEE protects and warms your dog in bad weather and in cold days. Thanks to its minimal weight, thin and noiseless material, the dog doesn't feel limited in movement.

Berkeley Premium Dog Beds in our offer

Published 20. 9. 2016

Berkeley Dog Beds are made to the highest quality level possible. They look good, they’re totally fit for purpose and are built to last a lifetime.

Waxed cotton Light khaki - brand new trendy colour exclusively by FIREDOG

Published 5. 12. 2015

FIREDOG presents a brand new trendy colour of Waxed cotton - LIGHT KHAKI


Published 5. 3. 2015

Wild dummies, new dummy sets, new dog key racks and ACME whistles

New products in our sortiment

Published 2. 2. 2015

New boot bags, new dummy bags, travel bowl Click & Go, Rabbit Tennis balls, Rabbit covers for tennis balls, 2 new camo editions, Arm Band Holder for start number, new waxed cotton products

NEW Baby blue collection & Country dummies

Published 26. 11. 2014

New trendy color for our products.

Country edition - Dummy colours in a different way

Published 19. 8. 2014

Would you like to offer the usual dummy fun to your dog also on holiday in Italy, Croatia and Scandinavia, and fit it into the country?

Colourful dummy training with FIREDOG

Published 13. 8. 2014

Are you bored looking always at the same colours? We bring you 4 brand new glaring colours and their combinations which will diversify you daily training.

New BioThane products and Keychain Minidummies

Published 24. 6. 2014

New BioThane product in our range - Clip collar, new BioThane colours - camo blue, camo olive, camo pink, camo orange, light brown, reflect light green, reflect yellow, reflect orange and new Keychain Minidummies.

BioThane leashes and collars in 6 new colours

Published 15. 5. 2014

BioThane products in 6 new colour in our offer - black, blue, light green, pink, red, violet

Declaration on word of honor

Published 14. 5. 2014

Our main aim is to produce training equipment of the highest quality, with a special focus on the health and safety of humans and animals, and of course also for our environment. That is why we consider it’s our obligation to publish on our site the following declaration on word of honor...

Results of 12. Dresdner Workingtest, Germany

Published 13. 5. 2014

Congratulations to all winners!

Results of German Cup 2014

Published 30. 4. 2014

Congratulations to all winners!

Results of WT Zlata Raca 1, Osp, Slovenia

Published 25. 3. 2014

Congratulations to all winners!

Results of WT Sopron, Hungary

Published 10. 3. 2014

Results of Working test & Dummy trial Gattico, Italy

Published 10. 3. 2014

Congratulations to all winners!

Collection for children

Published 3. 12. 2013

Children learn by imitating. Also, the correct handling of the dog should be learned properly in early age of a child. As a little dog handler also needs the appropriate equipment for training, new FIREDOG Collection for children will be launched on the market.

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