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New BioThane products and Keychain Minidummies

Published 24. 6. 2014

New BioThane Clip collars - practical BioThane® collar with metal fastening for easier handling. Elegant rivet fashion in various color versions. Matching to our BioThane® leashes and tracking leashes.

This patented invention of american company BioPlastic was originally invented for the need of horses. Its unique properties make this material very suitable also for training dogs and working with them. One of the basic material is biological material coated with plastic. With this great combination is BioThane® extremely resistant against tearing (up to 450 kg), waterproof, resistant to UV radiation, antibacterial and antifungal. BioThane® recalls the leather but is much more durable and easy to clean. Thanks to extremely low abrasion for almost any condition is very suitable for use in hunting or training with tracking leash or tracking and for all types of dog training which require strength and durability.

Width: 19 mm, 25 mm
Lenght: by 19 mm width: 35-50 cm, by 25 mm width: 35-55 cm




New BioThane colour in our range - light brown - collars (Basic, Sport, Clip) and leashes




New BioThane products in camo colours - camo olive, camo blue, camo pink, camo orange




New BioThane Reflect products - collars (Basic, Sport, Clip) and leashes in reflect orange, yellow and light green




New Keychain Minidummies in our range - baby blue and light green and their combinations and Keychain Minidummy full fur







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