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Declaration on word of honor

Published 14. 5. 2014

Our main aim is to produce training equipment of the highest quality, with a special focus on the health and safety of humans and animals, and of course also for our environment. That is why we consider it’s our obligation to publish on our site the following declaration on word of honor from our suppliers of 100% cotton fabric used for our canvas dummies:  

Declaration on word of honor:

"We hereby declare that the colored substances used for 100 % cotton fabric manufactured by us, do not contain any Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

The regranulate used as filling of our dummies is suitable for the products coming to contact with food. Raw materials, which the regranulate is made of, have been registrated in EC regulation REACH. In compliance with this regulation it does not contain any substances identified as "SVHC" in concentration higher than 0,1 %. The filling is suitable for recycling using modern recycling methods.

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