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Hunter Air Vests now available in WAXED COTTON

Published 26. 6. 2018

HUNTER AIR VESTS are now available also in waxed cotton material - brown and light khaki.

FIREDOG Waxed cotton Hunter Air Vest is designed to provide maximum ventilation during hot days without loosing the comfort and function of the classic Waxed cotton Dummy vest Hunter.

The lightweight design of the vest provides optimum air circulation and makes it more suitable for hunting or training in very hot weather conditions. Back bag is made from waterproof material inside.


Waxed cotton:

- versatile material, symbol of nature love
- this special fabric combines tradition of waxed cotton and improvements in processing, so the result meets the highest quality standards
- wind- and waterproof
- breathable
- exceptional durability due to robust densely woven base fabric and a special finish
- high comfort
- easy to clean - simply wipe with a damp cloth, stains can be removed with a soft brush
- additional waxing possible if necessary



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