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Results of WT Sopron, Hungary

Published 10. 3. 2014

Puppy class:

1st place: Sandra Gubesch with Blackthorn Maasym

2nd place: V.Klein Brigitta with Zaziri Golden Armani

3rd place: Jim Doherty with Brookbank Berrybrae

Novice class:

1st place: Branislav Brandusanovic with Vanimo vom Kastell Stegraifepach

2nd place: Gerda Reifenhäuser with Ragweed's Ustream

3rd place: Barbara Stadlhuber with Chub Kanene

Intermediate class:

1st place: Szántay Csaba with Flashway Cliff (Guru)

2nd place: Yandó Péter with Brookbank Bee (Keyla)

3rd place: Andrea Haas with Golden Mountain Spring`s Xtra Edition

Open class:

1st place: Deák Gábor with Blackthorn Kalea

2nd place: Stefanie Latham with FTW Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood

3rd place: David Latham with Int.FTCH Lesser Burdock Abbotstone



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