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New VETBED® Original in our offer

Published 25. 3. 2015

Vetbed® Original

A hard-wearing, everyday bed with unique properties suitable for animals at all life stages.

Vetbed’s higher bulk, greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention makes it distinct from all other dog beds on the market.

Voted the Best Dog Bed by the readers of Your Dog magazine, it is probably the safest and most effective fabric ever developed for use in the veterinary profession and independent tests have proved conclusively that in spite of its luxurious feel it has tremendous strength and durability.

YOUNGER ANIMALS: Keeping them safe and warm, the special drainage properties ensure they stay dry and warm even in the event of an accident.

OLDER ANIMALS: Enjoy a far higher degree of comfort and mobility with constant warmth from the heat retaining properties of the fibres.

RECUMBENT ANIMALS: Vets recommend the product to recumbent animals requiring hospitalisation or pre/ post-operative care.

BIRTH STAGE: Keeps the mother and baby warm and dry whilst retaining body heat, and reducing the risk of hypothermia. The texture gives comfort and security and encourages mobility in the younger by aiding grip.


Vetbed® Non-slip

Non-slip Contemporary Living bedding featuring many benefits found with the original Vetbed® - amazing warmth, comfort, durability, and ease of washing - in stylish designs to complement the home.

Non-Slip backing - Ideal for use in cars, pet baskets, polished flooring and tiles.


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