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NEW Vetbeds are already in stock!

Published 27. 5. 2015


Vetbed® Gold is a unique veterinary bedding and the first of its kind in the world! A development of Vetbed® Original, Vetbed® Gold has all the same benefits of the market leader, plus extra properties that make it particularly beneficial to the veterinary profession and domestic user alike. The pile of Vetbed® Gold is luxuriously thick - even thicker than Vetbed® Original. It incorporates Permafresh® fibre, which continually release molecules that work against bacteria and fungi, ensuring a longer, fresher life for the bedding. /p>

Permafresh fibre is a safe, non-toxic integral agent. Over the lifetime of the bedding, it will provide effective control of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi - often the cause of smells and odours - and help to create a more hygienic environment. In addition, because of its work against bacteria, dead skin (both human and animal) is prevented from decaying. This means that the common dust mite is starved, and consequently dies. This is a tremendous benefit to animals that are house dust mite sensitive, or that generally suffer from skin allergies.

  • Ideal for animals with skin problems or allergies
  • Effective against house dust mites and common bacteria
  • Combat that ‘doggie smell!’ - bed stays fresh for longer
  • Keeps your pet warm and dry
  • Prevents growth of bacteria, moulds mildew and fungi
  • Strong, long lasting, and easy to care for
  • Unique bedding with deep luxurious pile
  • Machine washable
  • Hygienic
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Excellent drainage properties
  • pile height is around 28mm
  • 2100g/m2

Available in 3 colours - red, blue and burgundy

New colours of Vetbed Original

New colours of Vetbed Non-Slip

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