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Each year, the Firedog company, divides some amount for supporting and sponsoring of selected dog events, mostly of hunting character. The sponsorship requests can be sent from organizers of official events (for example of working tests, field trials, agility competitions etc.).

Each request will be judged individually. It is not our primary aim to provide the sponsorships to individuals. The sponsorships should be in accordance with the philosophy of our company and they do not have to have political or similar character.

Each year we receive more than 200 sponsorships requests, that unfortunately cannot be all fullfiled. Therefore, it is important to send us the request for sponsorship in sufficient time, that we could incorporate chosen events meaningfully in our marketing plans and prepare all materials (banners, flyers etc.). Here belongs also the sufficient time for shipping.

For events in 2020, we ask all organizers to send us the requests for support until 31. December 2019!
We will reply back to all until 15. January 2020, if their event was chosen to be sponsored. We ask for your understanding, that we provide the sponsorships only with goods, not with financial support.

If you are interested in our help with sponsorship, send us the request by email with subject Sponsorship request, to the email address There should be stated following information:

- name and date of the event (+ web site and/or facebook site)
- name of the organizator
- place of the event
- estimated number of participants
- for exams, write the number and the type of the classes

Thank you.

"One Pasion, Two Nations" CUP 11.-12.4.2015 - Slovenia, Italy

Date: 11.4.2015

organized by OasiRetriever, Italy & Klub za delo prinašalcev, Slovenia

10 years anniversary WRCH Dummy Trial & Working Test 3-5 April 2015

Date: 3.4.2015

organized by Working Retriever Club of Hungary

Open (AV) Working Test, Henley Farm Miserden Estate, UK

Date: 22.3.2015

organized by The Berkshire Downs and Chilterns Golden Retriever Club, United Kingdom

Working Test & Dummy Trial Grub 13.-15.3.2015, AT

Date: 13.3.2015

organized by Österreichischer Retriever Club - LG Wien

Working test Sopron 7-8 March 2015, Hungary

Date: 7.3.2015

organized by Working Retriever Club of Hungary

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